Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hump Day Wednesday

The day began with an extra volunteer to do the painting.  His offer was politely declined.

Tom thought cement would make a nice mud mask.

The cooks entertained us with a talking egg-

We finished the floor ahead of schedule-

And the paint crew finished their work standing on the floor we poured on Monday-

New projects were started which meant more rebar work and more forms being built.

The Marilyn's play during break time-

This afternoon was the woman's program with 23 participants doing two crafts.

Ella prepared snacks-

Janet set up-

Ann and Karen help-

The finished products-

The team returned home tired but filled with the knowledge that our 
bonds with this church have grown deeper.  

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  1. You've made amazing progress! What a blessing your group is to the children's home and to the church!