Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday, 2-15-16

We started the day with a devotional led by Duane and a hardy breakfast of eggs, sausage, waffles, and of course rice and beans.

We got to the work site at the Faro del Este Iglesia Metodista about 8:15 am.  Preparing to start our day, we brought in the food to the church.  The main project this week is to put in a second floor for the building that will hold classrooms and the parsonage.

This is the floor we are helping to put in.  Looked like it was almost done to me.  However, everyone said it hadn't been started.  What you see here is the metal latticework to hold the concrete.  We will be pouring the floor in three sections.

Marilyn, Karen and Janet are working diligently to get ready for lunch.  After working so hard, we need to refuel for the afternoon.

Janet was a little camera shy in the previous photo.

Painting the outside wall of the youth center was not as easy as it looks.  Tomorrow we use a scaffold!

Duane has the recipe for cooking batches of concrete.  "Cement Mixer, Putti, Putti..."  He makes it look easy.

The shovel crew, Dianne, Karen and Karen.  Four buckets of rock and three buckets of sand are needed to make the concrete.  Filling the buckets is fun!

Onward with the "train":  Duane, Tom, Zeno, Karen P and Karen J.  As soon as the concrete is JUST right, Duane releases the batch to a group of wheelbarrow jockeys.

Tom is pushing the concrete up the ramp to the floor level where it will be added to the floor and smoothed flat.  Another one making it look easy, but it weighs a LOT!

Zeno is dumping the concrete into the frame.

Jim, with the help of Pastor Jorge, is floating the floor to make it flat and smooth.

One of three sections is completed, with a second section started.  Now I see what the floor is really supposed to look like!  If we keep up this pace, we will be finished by Wednesday!


  1. Way to go my friends! You make it look easy, but itis not.

  2. What wonderful progress you have made in your time down there! We all thank you for what you are doing from the bottom of our hearts!