Thursday, February 18, 2016

Food, Farewells, and Fooling Around

Maruja, our cook at the Methodist House, takes good care of us, providing breakfast and dinner each day.

At the work site Zeno uses a machete to sharpen stakes which will hold a rebar cage.  Who thought this was a good idea?

Tom works on building more forms so that we can complete the side wall.

The painting crew continues work on the black ironwork around the doors and windows.

Patricia, one of the local women, brought a special treat for our morning break:  fresh, homemade Blackberry and Strawberry juice.  This may be the best thing we have had to eat or drink in two weeks!

After lunch we posed for a group photo standing on the new concrete floor, highlighting the freshly painted wall behind us.

Will and Ella shared lunch with us again, thanked us for our service and dedication, and shared more information about their ministry and work in Costa Rica.  Will is excited to be working with a team in Peru to help build a Wesley Institute in Central America!

Afternoon brings us back to the concrete mixer.  We are joined again by Spencer and Kendra this afternoon.  We are thankful for their spirit and assistance with the heavy tasks!  Spencer loads the buckets of gravel....

...while Kendra quickly refills them.

This afternoon, even the cooks join the painting crew.

We begin filling the forms that were built this morning.

Since five team members are leaving Friday morning, we say our good byes at Faro del Este.  We receive bible shaped ornaments to remind us of the church.  Denis and Patricia give key chains to the men and Costa Rica themed earrings to the women.

Although we arrive back at the dorm exhausted each evening, it hasn't slowed progress on our jigsaw puzzles.  In two weeks, this team has managed to complete four puzzles!

After dinner, we take a short walk to Pops, the local ice cream shop to a treat.  John decided to share his ice cream with his new friend.  Yes, it's been a long couple weeks!

This evening we say good bye to five team members who are leaving in the morning.  The remaining nine will head out in the morning for the last morning at Faro del Este.

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